Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bolsa de empleo ONGs Mundial

Amigos del blog de trabajos sociales, les dejo este portal donde se publican empleos de ONG a nivel mundial, tiene cientos de vacantes en todos los paises del mundo:

Algunas de las vacantes actuales son:

Opportunity Wanted
Arvind Bhardwaj

International experience in tackling health inequalities and provide public health leadership. Ability to set initiatives, partnerships, manage projects and trainings. More

Opportunity Wanted
P. Nagasayee Malathy

Job sought in development sector as Country Director or Regional Programme development and management in International Organizations (INGOs, etc.,) and UN organizations. More

Opportunity Wanted
Carol Azungi Dralega (PhD)

Expert in media, communication and the development question seeks job opportunities as consultant, researcher, journalist/editor, information expert and/or tutor. More


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